Investigating the client perspective on- and the organization of-, Midwifery led care in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands offers a midwifery-led model of care; however the organization of maternity care in our country is changing.

Integrated care is being introduced and the last few years the home birth rate has been decreasing with the latest home-birth percentage around 16 % of all births (PRN data-2012). Are the current changes in care provision women-centered? And what would be the best improvements of the maternity care organization from the clients perspective? A number of studies using quantitative and qualitative methods will be undertaken with a focus on the model of primary care midwifery in the Netherlands, taking the perspective of women who have experienced care.


The objective of the PhD thesis is to gain insight into the organization of care and the interaction with client satisfaction with the current care and their suggestions as to what could be changed within the organization of primary maternity care in the Netherlands and get the client perspective on how to improve the experience of women with maternity care.


  • How is the organization of-,
    what are the experiences of women with -,
    and what are women’s suggestions for improvement of the primary maternity care in the Netherlands?
  • What are the views of care providers (MCAs) about providing continuous support in labour?


The studies will add to the current discussions about changes in the maternity care system in the Netherlands. It will provide a source of information for health professionals and policy makers which can be used in making evidence based choices about the maternity care organization.


C.I. Baas RM MSc


Promotoren: Prof. E. K. Hutton RM, PhD, Prof. J. J. H.M Erwich MD, PhD Co-promotoren: T.A. Wiegers PhD, P. de Cock PhD


This PhD project has been made possible by KNOV Scholarship 2014


C.I. Baas RM MSc


Begindatum: januari 2011
Einddatum: december 2015


Continuous Support During Childbirth by Maternity Care Assistants:
An Exploration of Opinions in the Netherlands
Authors: Baas, Carien; Wiegers, Therese; de Cock, Paul; Koelewijn, Joke; Hutton, Eileen
International Journal of Childbirth 2013;3:76-85.

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