Carousel for perinatal care: professionalisation of regional integral perinatal care organisations (VSVs)

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This project aims at the development, implementation and evaluation of the VSV carousel, a methodology that facilitates and supports VSVs in the selection and implementation of already existing care improvement projects.

Going through several successive rounds of feasible, traced out trajects, VSVs can develop into self-regulating and professional organisations. The focus is on embedding of intrinsic vigour to ensure future development of VSVs.

Dit project richt zich op de ontwikkeling, implementatie en evaluatie van de VSV carrousel, een methodiek die VSV’s faciliteert en ondersteunt in de selectie en implementatie van reeds bestaande zorgverbeterprojecten. Door het doorlopen van diverse opeenvolgende ronden van haalbare, gekaderde trajecten kunnen VSV’s zich ontwikkelen tot zelfregulerende en professionele organisaties. De focus ligt op het inbouwen van intrinsieke daadkracht om toekomstige ontwikkeling van VSV’s te garanderen.


The aim of the current project is to construct professional VSVs, that have the knowledge and abilities to succesfully implement adaptations. We will achieve this by the introduction of the VSV carousel, a methodology that facilitates and supports VSVs in the selection and implementation of already existing care improvement projects. The focus is on practical, manageable, transferable, population-driven projects. Collaborating VSVs are intented to gain inspiration and energy for successful self-regulation. Furthermore, participation in the VSV carousel may act as a catalyst for comfortable and save teamwork on the road to integral perinatal care. Therefore, we strongly believe this project contibutes to a raise in quality of perinatal care and to abridge differences in regional perinatal care.


To achieve the above mentioned, we address the following questions:

  1. Which effect has VSV carousel participation on perinatal care? Perinatal care is not limited to medical outcome measures (ie. mortality and morbidity), but stretches out to client experiences (both and equally measured in the ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement)).
  2. Which effect has VSV carousel participation on the professionalism of VSVs to act as self-regulating organisations?
  3. How is the process of VSV carousel participation experienced by the users? This process evaluation knows wide attention for barriers and facilitators of the use of VSV carousel, in order to optimise the process of national upscaling.


Perinatal care in the Netherlands is rapidly developing. During the past years, multiple initiatives have been evolved to optimise care for mother and child. Although performed deliberately, the amount of simultaneous actions can be overwhelming. Organisations that are responsible for performing good perinatal care, the so-called VSVs, are not always able to keep helicopter-view and perform all required or desired activities. Major adaptations in perinatal care must be arranged, requested by institutional organisations (ie. government). Furthermore, VSVs want to incorporate self-invented interventions and improvement projects that have been successfully developed by colleague VSVs elsewhere in the Netherlands. However, this necessary but challenging process of implementation is very demanding for VSVs, even more because it has to be performed beside standard daily care activities. Professionalisation of VSVs is therefore highly recommended, in order to achieve better knowledge and methodologies to actual successful self-regulation of VSVs.

There is a growing number of best practices available in the Netherlands. Now is the time to share, transfer and implement desired best practices to colleague VSVs. This project is not about the innovative projects per se, but about the innovation to offer an operative and effective method for VSVs to engage, acquire and implement the best practices. By doing so, smarter, more dynamic and more decisive VSVs will be created.


Dr. N. van Duijnhoven


Noortje van Duijnhoven Marieke Smith


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Radboud, afdeling Verloskunde




Dr. N. van Duijnhoven


01/10/2018 – 01/10/2021

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