About MRNN

The aim of the Midwifery Research Network Netherlands (MRNN) is to map out the research by and for midwives in the Netherlands. To this end the MRNN supports requests for research and projects and it supports midwives and researchers in carrying out research. The MRNN is directed by the three research groups of the midwifery training courses in the Netherland.

The MRNN works in close cooperation with these research groups. It carries out research itself and translates research results into the curricula of the midwifery training courses and the (regional) practice. It also liaises with subsidy providers and policy makers in order to bring the importance of the Science of Midwifery to their attention.

Whereas the MRNN carries out, stimulates and supports research, Kennispoort is the platform for the dissemination of knowledge. This is why the MRNN increasingly works in close cooperation with Kennispoort and why it will also communicate via the platform Kennispoort Verloskunde.If you have any questions on research, please get in touch with Kennispoort, or one of the research groups of the Midwifery Academies.