Watchful Attendance

The new term for midwifery care during labour

At the Kennispoort Verloskunde Academiecongress on 7 February of this year the Dutch Professor of Midwifery Science Ank de Jonge invited participants to think of a new term for midwifery care during labour. More than fifty people sent in proposals for a competition that resulted in the choice for the term Watchful Attendance.

Why this new term?
De Jonge claims that time is one of the most important instruments of a midwife’s equipment. She feels that we should have a name for time we spend with women during labour so that it exists and can be measured and evaluated.

How to use this term?
She wishes to give full attention to this “invisible” care by giving it a name so that it can be used in practice by health professionals.

Want to know more?
In the video registration of her lecture Ank de Jonge explains why it is so important not to neglect the “instrument” of time. In the podcast she reveals the term and the names of the people who won the competition and she reiterates the importance of the new term. Both productions are only available in Dutch.

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch)
View the registration (in Dutch)
View the presentation (in Dutch)