This thesis summarizes the eforts and results that have been made on the hai-Burmese  border for a large project of: malaria in pregnancy – ultrasound studies of fetal growth.

Aim of this thesis
It was the aim of this thesis to explore the efects of malaria in pregnancy on fetal growth by antenatal ultrasound. Specically, we:
1.  review current evidence on malaria in pregnancy in the Asia-Paciic region and describe the methods used in previous malaria in pregnancy articles in relation to estimation of gestational age and measuring birthweight.
2.  describe the challenges of fetal growth studies in a developing country setting, and the acceptance of antenatal ultrasound by the pregnant women in those countries.
3.  demonstrate the feasibility of locally trained health workers to obtain accurate dating and biometry measurements which a required to create population fetal size equations and birthweight centiles.
4.  describe the efects of malaria in pregnancy on fetal growth and development in accurately dated pregnancies.